Home satellite operator Dish has responded to Fox broadcasting's amended lawsuit in which it adds Dish's Sling technology to its overall claim of copyright infringement. Once again Fox asks the court to impose an injunction on Dish to stop it from distributing its ad-skipping Hopper DVRs together with Sling, which allows subscribers to watch programs that they have recorded on mobile devices whenever they choose to do so. The court had previously refused to issue an injunction halting Hopper. Now Dish argues that Sling has been available since 2005 and Fox has voiced no objection to it until now. Fox's inaction for the better part of a decade destroys any notion of irreparable harm, Dish said. Fox's knowing acquiescence while Dish spent hundreds of millions of dollars tips the balance of hardships decisively to Dish. The public interest demands that the million consumers already in possession of Sling devices be permitted to enjoy this transformative technology.