The eldest daughter of disgraced music video director Aswad Ayinde is disappointed her father has refused to apologise after he was sentenced to 50 years in prison for impregnating his own child.

The Nigerian filmmaker, known for directing The Fugees' Killing Me Softly promo, was handed the sentence for his treatment of Aziza Kibibi in July (13), after he had already been jailed for 40 years in 2010 for raping another of his girls.

Prosecutors stated Ayinde had proclaimed himself a prophet and wanted to create a 'pure' bloodline that he was convinced would survive an apocalypse.

Kibibi has now opened up about her traumatic abuse in a candid Tv interview with U.S. broadcaster Katie Couric, detailing the sexual molestation she suffered from the age of eight, resulting in her first pregnancy at 15.

However, Ayinde, also known as Charles MCGill, has maintained his innocence, despite his convictions and the fact that he faces three more trials over similar allegations from other daughters.

A statement released by his attorney Nina C. Remson to Couric reads, "In order to protect the integrity of the proceedings that are still pending, we are not at liberty to make specific comments on the matter. However, Mr. Ayinde does maintain that he is not guilty of the charges and intends to fully pursue all appellate remedies."

Ayinde's denial has upset Kibibi, who is now in her mid-30s, because he is refusing to take responsibility for the pain and suffering he caused.

During her Tv interview, which aired on Monday (09Dec13), she said, "I feel like I'm waiting for him to atone and apologise for what he has done, and to hear that he has no remorse, for him to think that all of these things didn't happen, especially with such proof and witnesses, I mean, I have children... So for him to continue to try and say that he didn't do all these things to me, at the same time attempting to make me look like a liar, it really saddens me but there's nothing I can do about it. I leave him to God, ultimately."