FRIDA director Julie Taymor is considering removing her credit from a new Beatles-themed movie - because she is dissatisfied with the film's final cut. Taymor directed Evan Rachel Wood and Salma Hayek in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, a new film set to the songs of the Fab Four, but now wants nothing to do with the finished product. The New York Times claims Taymor fell out with producer Joe Roth after he ordered a re-cut for the film without her permission. Roth's revamp reportedly came in 30 minutes shorter than Taymor's two-hour-plus film. In a statement yesterday (20MAR07), Taylor said, "My creative team and I are extremely happy about our cut and the response to it. "Sometimes, at this stage of the Hollywood process differences of opinion arise, but in order to protect the film, I am not getting into details at this time." Meanwhile, movie mogul Roth is playing down the controversy, stating, "She's (Taymor) a brilliant director. She's made a brilliant movie. "This process is not anything out of the ordinary. Her reaction through her representatives might be."