Australian director Sarah Watt has spoken out about her heart-wrenching health battle as she continues to fight for her life following her bone cancer diagnosis.
The Look Both Ways filmmaker, who is married to actor William MCInnes, overcame breast cancer seven years ago and in 2009, the couple threw a party to celebrate five years since she received the all-clear for the disease.
However, just weeks after the bash, the filmmaker discovered a sore area on her ribs and doctors revealed the cancer had spread.
The star has now opened up about her condition, admitting she is trying to make the most of every day she has left.
She tells Woman's Day, "I don't know when I will have to go. I give myself small aims. Get through the summer, get through the winter...
"I hope when my time comes I'll be at home. William will be there, and offer me a cup of tea, and when he's making it I will drift off into a nap, then into the longest nap. And William will bring the tea back and it won't be sad."