Ronnie James Dio's former Dio bandmates are heading into the studio to record an album of new material in tribute to their late frontman.

Dio Disciples, a supergroup comprising of former members of Dio, formed after the rock icon's death in 2010 and have been playing the Holy Diver group's music on tour in a bid to keep their old pal's memory alive.

Now guitarist Craig Goldy reveals Dio Disciples are planning to start work on a project of original songs - and they've already received the blessing of the singer's widow, Wendy.

He tells, "I've been working on some original material recently, and at Ronnie's memorial service - the public memorial service - I stated that when I ever did another original material project, that I want to make sure that I utilise the things that I learned from him (Dio) and that would hopefully make him proud. So when Wendy Dio heard the songs that I've been working on, she said, 'Wow, Ronnie would be really proud of you.' That was real special...

"We want to make sure that people don't think we're trying to replace Ronnie. Like a lot of bands who have had members either leave or die, they go on with the same name and for the same purpose, and some fans get bummed out about that. We're not trying to do that. It's just if we do do a full album of original material, it's not replacing him. It would be our way of saying, 'Hey, this is what we've learned from him, this is what the man means to us.' It would be in the spirit of keeping his memory alive and honouring him in some way."

Ronnie James Dio launched his namesake band in 1982 following his departure from Black Sabbath.