Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS has a special treat for his high-profile pals whenever they shop at his new SEAN JOHN store in New York - a VIP room boasting a fully-stocked bar.

On 9 September (04), Combs unveiled the new fashion store - situated on Manhattan's prestigious Fifth Avenue - by throwing a star-studded party.

And, to ensure celebrities keep coming back, he's providing them with a VIP area, which includes a private dressing room, flat-screen TV, DVD player, CD player, X-BOX video game system and a flowing supply of booze.

He says, "We have a high-profile clientele. Even though they want to take pictures with fans and sign autographs, they also want to shop in a certain level of peace, so we've created a space for them.

"If a VIP wants a drink, we have champagne. If you need to relax, you do it here, and we'll bring clothes to you."

17/09/2004 02:36