Actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's legendary "I'm the king of the world" yell in TITANIC has acquired the unfortunate title of the most cringe-making line in movie history.

With arms outstretched on the prow of the ill-fated boat, DiCaprio's character JACK DAWSON unleashes his positive outlook on life after winning his tickets in a poker game with Italian pal FABRIZIO, played by Danny Nucci.

However, movie enthusiasts believe the only emotions the scene manages to stir are ones of embarrassment.

Second in the poll of 2,000 British film fans was Patrick Swayze's "Nobody puts BABY in the corner" statement during the climax of 1987 movie DIRTY DANCING.

Andie MacDowell's "Is it raining? I hadn't noticed" line as she was gazing lovingly into the eyes of Hugh Grant in Four Weddings And A Funeral completes the top three.

06/12/2004 17:32