A sensational new book claims late British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales' biological father was billionaire tycoon JAMES GOLDSMITH - and not EARL SPENCER.

New York journalist TINA BROWN believes Diana was conceived when her mother FRANCES SHAND-KYDD enjoyed an affair with notorious womaniser Goldsmith in the early 1960s.

Goldsmith and Shand-Kydd have both passed away so nobody allegedly involved can confirm if Brown's hypothesis is in fact true.

A New York literary source says, "The book will point out the close resemblance between Diana and not only Jemima but other young members of the Goldsmith clan.

"The inference is that Diana was the result of a fling between Frances and James during a bad patch in her marriage. He was notorious for his affairs with society women."

Diana became close friends with Jemima Khan, Goldsmith's daughter, towards the end of her life, and treated her mother LADY ANABEL as a confidante. However, Diana's friends and family insist Shand-Kydd and Goldsmith were friends rather than lovers.

23/03/2005 13:51