DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES made an extraordinary admission about her life to pop superstar Barbra Streisand - insisting the British royal family wanted to have her committed to a mental institution. The late royal met the Funny Girl star at the premiere of 1992 film The Prince of the Tides where she made the startling confession. The inquest into the Princess' death at London's High Court heard that the singer asked Diana, "Are you happy?" And Princess Diana is reported to have replied, "My in-laws think I'm mad and my husband agrees with them and wants me put in a home." Diana was killed along with Dodi Fayed in a car crash in Paris, France, on 31 August 1997. The inquest aims to establish whether the princess and Fayed were simply the victims of a tragic accident, or if they were the targets of an assassination plot headed by the British royal family - as claimed by Fayed's father, Mohamed Al Fayed. The case continues.