DIANA, Princess Of Wales is at the centre of another bizarre legal battle which could see her speak about her troubled marriage with British royal Prince CHARLES from beyond the grave.

It has emerged Diana - who died in a car crash in Paris in 1997 - recorded twenty secret videos with her voice coach PETER SETTELEN at her "lowest ebb" during her failed marriage to the heir, and spent a total of 21 hours baring her soul to camera.

Now Settelen is threatening legal action to recover the tapes from the police, who confiscated them in January 2001 from Diana's former butler PAUL BURRELL.

Burrell was then under investigation for the alleged theft of hundreds of the Princess' possessions, but the trial against him collapsed when Queen ELIZABETH II dramatically recalled that he had talked to her about taking the items.

The voice coach now says he will proceed with legal action if the videos have not been returned to him by Wednesday (05NOV03).

His lawyer MARCUS RUTHERFORD says, "We want this matter resolved as early as possible."

However, Diana's family, the SPENCERs, insist the tapes belong to them, and they want to destroy them - but it is thought the only way to resolve the ownership issues would be to play the videos in court to establish whether they feature the Princess undertaking voice coaching or giving a "testament about her life".

A police spokesperson comments, "Negotiations are continuing to establish the ownership of a number of items in our possession."

03/11/2003 17:18