An investigation has confirmed that British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales got into the car she later died in because the first vehicle failed to start - fuelling conspiracy theories the first car was tampered with to facilitate the fatal accident.

Diana and her lover DODI AL FAYED were killed in August 1997, when the vehicle they were travelling in crashed in a tunnel in Paris, France.

Controversy and speculation have surrounded Diana's decision to leave the car she had intended to use and get into a nearby Mercedes, with many documents claiming they were trying to avoid photographers who were following them.

But Britain's Cabinet Office have released papers which prove the first car had broken down, so Diana climbed into a limousine driven by chauffeur HENRI PAUL, who tests later revealed was three times over the legal alcohol limit.

The revelations have added to speculation that the British Establishment plotted to kill Diana.

One document reads, "They tried to leave quickly but the first hire car failed to start."

A separate document, signed JAY, says, "Because, apparently, their getaway car failed to start, they got into another nearby car driven by a Ritz driver.

"The second car then left the hotel at speed. It travelled along a stretch of the river and entered the tunnel in which the car crashed."

16/03/2005 02:58