A British police investigation into late DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' death have questioned the secret services about the intelligence they gathered on the royal prior to the 1997 car crash that killed her.

SIR JOHN STEVENS, the London METROPOLITAN POLICE COMMISSIONER, who is heading the official inquiry, confirmed his officers are examining MI5 (domestic Military Intelligence) and MI6 (foreign Military Intelligence) documents relating to Diana - but has refused to reveal any of the information they have uncovered.

Stevens began his investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash which killed both Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed, at the request of MICHAEL BURGESS, Coroner to the Queen's Household.

The Metropolitan Commissioner says, "We are looking at everything we need to look at in relation to what they have got. We are talking to people in both places as well."

Stevens went on to say the Prince Charles, Diana's ex-husband, and QUEEN ELIZABETH II may be interviewed about a letter written by the Princess of Wales before her death in which she expressed fears the Royal Family might try to kill her in a car crash.

He adds, "The Royal Family obviously want this job done in a proper way and no one will get in the way and that is the message I have got from them. They want the inquiry to draw a line under this, one way or the other."

25/01/2005 17:36