Late British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales told her bodyguard she feared being murdered by the British government, just weeks before her death in a car accident in Paris, France in 1997.

Diana worried she might become the victim of a conspiracy when she heard the news that her close friend, fashion designer Gianni Versace, had been shot dead.

Her bodyguard LEE SANSUM says, "She said to me, 'What do you think has happened? Do you think Gianni Versace was assassinated? Who do you think has killed him? Do you think they'll kill me?'

"I had got to know her quite well and by then I took that to mean someone official killing her.

"She didn't say 'Do you think anyone could kill me?' She said 'they'. I think she meant government agencies.

"She was very troubled, not just by Versace's death, but for her own safety."

26/06/2005 02:51