Late British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales was embalmed on the orders of British authorities to prevent tests which could have confirmed whether or not she was carrying her lover Dodi Fayed's child, according to a new investigation.

British newspaper the Daily Express today (26SEP05) claims a top official at the British embassy in Paris was informed just minutes after the Princess's death that embalming her body would be illegal. But the procedure went ahead.

Professor PETER VANEZIZ, an independent pathologist says, "Nobody should be embalmed before a post-mortem. There is no reason why this should have been done in the case of the Princess.

"There was no reason for it to be done in order to repatriate her body to this country. That is evidenced by the fact Dodi Fayed's body was not embalmed.

"One would have normally thought that the effect of embalming would destroy body samples if the person was pregnant."

A spokeswoman for the UK foreign office says, "This is the subject of an ongoing inquiry by Lord Stevens and as such we have no further comment.

Fayed's father Mohamed Al Fayed has always insisted the tragic pair were murdered and claims he was knew Diana was pregnant.

He says, "I was told Diana was pregnant. Dodi told me the baby would have been my grandchild."