A new British TV drama focusing on the tragic death of the late British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales will provide viewers with an unmatched insight into the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minster TONY BLAIR - who meet every week to discuss the state of the island nation.

Writer Peter Morgan has been receiving co-operation from officials close to both Blair and the Queen for the show which will shed light on how they combined to deal with the crisis following Diana's death on 31 August 1997.

British actress DAME Helen Mirren has already been cast as the Queen for the drama which will begin filming in August 2005 under the helm of Dangerous LIAISONS director Stephen Frears.

Morgan says, "People are going out on such a limb to help me that I couldn't possibly reveal who they are.

"This is largely a study of the relationship between the heads of the two principal forms of power in this country - elected and inherited power.

"It concentrates on the relationship between sovereign and first minister.

"I hope people will consider I have written rounded and intimate portrayals of the principal characters involved which treats them with dignity and intelligence."

After the Princess's death, there was growing unease amongst the British public at the response of the Queen, who eventually agreed that a Union flag should be flown at half mast above Buckingham Palace and paid tribute to her former daughter-in-law in a live televised broadcast.

24/04/2005 21:40