Late British Royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales was deemed a "ridiculous creature" by Prince Charles' lover Camilla Parker Bowles.

The princess found her husband's stash of love letters from Bowles which have been made public by writer ANDREW MORTON, who 'collaborated' with the Princess on the biography DIANA: HER TRUE STORY in 1991 and has now released the follow-up, DIANA: IN PURSUIT OF LOVE.

Parker Bowles wrote, "I yearn to be with you day and night, to hug, comfort and love you."

In an obvious reference to Diana, Parker Bowles urges the prince to rise above "the onslaughts of that ridiculous creature".

Morton claims Diana discovered the letters hidden in her husband's briefcase and was devastated by the content.

The Royal couple separated the following year in December 1992.

24/06/2004 13:48