A hearing will begin today (15DEC03) to decide whether late DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed were murdered.

Dodi's father, Harrods owner MOHAMMED Al-FAYED, will produce evidence to the Scottish Court of Session claiming they suffered 'death by force' and that the British security service M16 were directly involved.

Diana and Dodi died six years ago (31AUG97) when the car they were travelling in crashed in a Paris tunnel. Al-Fayed has always maintained his belief that the crash wasn't an accident, although British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR has already ruled out a public inquiry in England into the incident.

Al-Fayed is now attempting to quash a decision earlier this year (03) to refuse an inquiry in Scotland. If successful, the Edinburgh court could hold a full public inquiry.

Al-Fayed said yesterday (14DEC03), "I am doing this as a case of the public interest. Princess Diana was the mother of the future King and the public are demanding to know the truth.

"I am not anticipating failure but if we do I will lodge an appeal, and take it as far as we can, including the European Court of Human Rights.

"I am very optimistic I will be given the opportunity to discover what happened to my son and Princess Diana."

15/12/2003 13:36