The Mercedes car in which British royal DIANA, Princess Of Wales was killed alongside her lover Dodi Fayed was transported from France to Britain yesterday (27JUL05) for further tests.

The vehicle has been held in France for almost eight years since the 1997 tragedy in a Paris underpass.

But the wreckage has only recently been stripped of its evidence status by French police, and British investigators have now stepped in to transport it to the UK to conduct further tests.

A spokesperson for the Paris Crime Brigade says, "Under French law, the car is no longer evidence and could be disposed of, but this is a special case."

The French inquiry into the accident concluded drunken chauffeur HENRI PAUL lost control of the vehicle during a high speed chase with paparazzi - but Dodi's father MOHAMED FAYED insists there was a cover up and that the British secret service staged the accident.

A spokesperson for the UK investigation team says, "The car is being loaned to the Metropolitan Police (in London) and will be examined using techniques available today.

"The forensic examinations will also enable the computer-generated model of the Alma underpass to reflect exactly the movements of the car on the road."

28/07/2005 01:57