Rapper/producer Dev Hynes has accused airport security officials in Berlin, Germany of racially profiling him after he was briefly detained while travelling over the weekend (23-25May).

The black British star, who is also known by his hip-hop moniker Blood Orange, took to his Twitter.com account on Sunday (25May14) to complain about the standard of treatment he allegedly received from officers, who searched his bags and then quizzed him extensively about his music equipment.

In a series of posts, the angry star wrote, "Was just held in Berlin Airport even though I'm a valid Eu citizen with a Us visa.

"Everywhere I've ever been I am reminded that there are people out there holding a prejudice because of my skin colour, yes it was racial...

"They went through all of my electronics and wouldn't let me go because I didn't have receipts for things I bought a year ago."

Hynes was eventually allowed to continue on his journey, but he admits he has grown all too use to experiences like the one he had in Berlin, adding, "Nothing new, sadly."