A lawyer for Indian fashion designer ANAND JON has hit out at the women accusing him of rape - insisting they are "lying" in a bid to seek compensation from the star.
The 34-year-old is currently on trial in Los Angeles on 27 counts, including rape and sexual assault, on a number of women, many of whom were models and underage at the time of the alleged attacks. The incidents are said to have occurred between 2001 and 2007.
But in the closing argument of the case on Friday (31Oct08), lawyers for the designer - full name Anand Jon Alexander - accused the alleged victims of lying on the stand - so they can sue Alexander following his criminal case.
Attorney Leonard Levine told the court, "How many times did you hear 'I don't recall' from them during the trial? I stopped counting at 300. These women lied. They lied, they exaggerated and nobody cared - but you should care."
Prosecutors have accused Alexander of being a "sexual predator" who should be handed a long jail term.
If convicted of all counts, Alexander faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.