Celebrity fashion designer and convicted rapist ANAND JON ALEXANDER will face sentencing next month (Aug09) after his bid for a retrial was denied by a Los Angeles judge.
Alexander, who has reportedly designed outfits for Paris Hilton and Mary J. Blige, was found guilty of 16 charges of sexually assaulting seven girls and young women.
During his two-month trial, a California court heard how the Indian-born couturier lured wannabe models as young as 14 to his apartment in Beverly Hills and abused them in a string of attacks between 2001 and 2007.
The 35 year old's attorneys claimed his accusers were attempting to ruin his career, but he was convicted of 16 of the 23 charges against him. He was acquitted of four charges and a further three resulted in a hung jury.
Alexander sought a retrial on the basis of juror misconduct, alleging a juror had improperly contacted his sister.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Wesley has ruled "a new trial will not be granted where there is a misconduct of such a trifling nature".
Alexander told reporters, "This is a total travesty of justice."