ARMY OF ANYONE star DEAN DeLEO had reservations about teaming up with former Filter star Richard Patrick because the singer was a drunk who missed shows. The ex-Stone Temple Pilots guitarist feared Patrick wasn't as clean as he claimed he was when he joined the new supergroup, and he was once so hungover he scrapped a Filter live show. DeLeo recalls he's glad he gave the singer a chance to redeem himself: "I looked at him, and across his right forearm was a tattoo of the date he got sober. "Also, when you look someone in the eyes, you can see how confident they are and if they're hiding something, and I could tell that Rich was extremely healthy and focused and excited." Patrick knew it was time to quit drinking when his alcoholism started affecting his performance. The singer explains, "I couldn't sing. I was 40 pounds overweight. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't get onstage unless I was half s**tfaced. "Kids went from cheering to taking a second look at me and staring at me with this blank expression like they had just seen a car accident."