HELLBOY director Guillermo Del Toro was inspired to make creepy new movie PAN'S LABYRINTH after a London taxi driver returned lost manuscripts and drawings about the film to the movie-maker. Del Toro felt sure he'd lost all his ideas for the horror film he'd spent years researching and planning when he left his notebooks in the back of a cab. The movie-maker quickly realised his error as the cab drove off, hailed another taxi and gave chase - but he soon lost the first driver. The notebooks didn't feature Del Toro's name or a forwarding address, but the taxi driver managed to track the film-maker down in just two days - and received a $900 (GBP500) tip for his troubles, according to newspaper the Los Angeles Times. The movie-maker had struggled to complete his ideas for the film but the fateful return of his notebooks gave him the impetus to press on and make the ambitious film, which is Mexico's submission for Best Foreign Language Film at next year's (07) Oscars.