Def Leppard are planning to make a new album.

The 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' hitmakers rockers - Joe Elliott, Vivian Campbell, Rick Allen, Phil Collen and Rick Savage - are currently promoting their 'The Hysteria Tour', which will seem them perform the 1987 LP in full after demand from fans, but once they've completed the run in December, they are going to start piecing together any music that could potentially make their 12th stuDio album.

Speaking on radio station 106.7 The Eagle, frontman Joe said: ''When this tour's done and we've got a bit of downtime, we'll probably have all collected, individually written bits and bobs for what will be the next Def Leppard record.

''We share them with each other and go, 'Oh. All right. What would happen if we do this with that one and blah, blah, blah?' and, all of sudden, we'll have every bit of half an album written.''

The record will be the band's first since their 2015 self-titled release, which won a 2016 Classic Rock Roll of Honours Award for Album of the Year.

However, before they work on a new Def Leppard record, the band will be focusing on their own side projects, with a new Down 'N' Outz album coming from Joe and guitarist Vivian working on a project with his group Last In Line, who formed in 2012 by former members of the original line-up of the late metal icon Ronnie James Dio's band Dio.

Joe said: ''When I get home from doing all this promo, I'm going to straight to work on my Down 'N' Outz album, which is my side project.

''We're making our third album, which we've written and I've gotta kinda finish that off. It's about halfway through.

Phil's (Collen, Def Leppard guitarist) just released his Delta Deep thing and I know Vivian's (Campbell, Def Leppard guitarist) still working on Last In Line. We're all doing side things that we're working on.''

'The Hysteria Tour' kicks off in Dublin On December 1, and ends in Birmingham on December 17.