Electronic dance music star Deadmau5 had to 'de-customise' his Ferrari sports car after receiving a legal warning from bosses at the motor company when he tried to sell it.

The Canadian Dj put the 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider (F1 Edition) on sale after driving it while competing in the Gumball 3000 rally in June (14).

He was asking for offers of around $380,000 (£223,000) but was forced to pull the sale when Ferrari bosses complained about the vehicle's added features, which included images of popular online animated cartoon Nyan Cat and badges featuring his nickname for the car, 'Purrari'.

In a series of posts on Twitter.com, Deadmau5 writes, "I wonder if the jack**s lawyer at @FerrariUsa who sent us a 'cease and desist' letter over the purrari is un-butthurt now that I unwrapped. Yeah it was mostly about the custom floor matts (sic) and the custom purrari badges. Whatever. It's just a normal a** 458 now. All good."

In June (14), the Dj complained online when his ad for the sale of the car was removed by Craigslist website bosses.