Late BEE GEES star MAURICE GIBB's daughter has shattered her father's good-guy image by revealing he was once a gun-toting drunk in a new tell-all.

SAMANTHA GIBB admits she grew up in fear of her father, especially after one night when he started waving a gun around in a drunken rage.

Now 25, Samantha claims her famous dad was a Jekyll and Hyde character, whose mood would change as he drank.

She says, "(One night) we came back into the house, we could tell dad had been drinking. He was walking round and round, then fell over. When he got up, there was blood on his hands."

Samantha, then 11, and her brother were told to go to their bedrooms by their worried mum YVONNE.

She adds, "When we came downstairs again, dad had a gun and started shouting abuse and waving it around."

But when Samantha confronted her father about the incident the next day, he had no recollection of it and insisted his daughter help him dispose of the gun.

But that was just the beginning of the breakdown of his relationship with his daughter.

Samantha explains, "I was angry when I first found out about his drinking problem. I didn't understand why he couldn't just have one beer and stop."

Samantha admits her father tried to beat his booze problems by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings but he would slip back into his bad habits when he was away from his Miami, Florida home on tours.