Australian LOST star EMILIE De RAVIN quit a blossoming ballet career to become an actress because she hated the gruelling fitness routine.

The 23-year-old actress was accepted at prestigious ballet school The Australian Ballet Company aged 15 but ventured into in Hollywood after she tired of the daily exercise regime.

And she is thrilled she can now enjoy the luxury actress lifestyle.

Ravin, who plays CLAIRE LITTLETON in the hit series, says, "It requires a lot of work. It's your whole life really.

"So when I began to realise that I didn't know if dancing was everything I hoped it would be, when I started asking, 'Will all this really be my whole career?' and I wasn't quite sure what the answer was, I started thinking about other things I'd like to do for the first time.

"I knew I liked performing and thinking about different roles so I thought I might just look into the acting side.

"I reasoned that if it didn't work out I was young enough to go back to dance."