David McIntosh has revealed he was married to Juliet Bakos.

The 31-year-old television personality - who was formerly engaged to model Kelly Brook before their split in 2014 - has revealed he tied the knot to his Australian beau Juliet a year before their relationship came to an end prior to his appearance on US dating show 'Famously Single'.

Asked about the rumours of a marriage between himself and Juliet, David said: ''Yeah, I was married to Juliet. [We were married for] a year. We were together for two. [We split up] about five for six months before I filmed the show.''

The former 'Gladiators' star claimed the relationship came to an end after the pair refused to compromise on what they wanted out of life.

He added: ''It was just differences. She didn't want me travelling for work. She didn't want me to go to America. She waned me to do some nine-to-five job, and that isn't me. I wasn't ready to retire in Australia.''

During filming for 'Famously Single', David admitted he was still trying to ''make amends'' after his split from Juliet, but insists he's now happy being single.

He said: ''On the show, I was trying to work through what happened in my last relationship, with Juliet. I gave up a lot to be with her in Australia and it didn't work out, so I was trying to make amends with that. I wasn't ready to meet anyone because you can't fall in love when you're in love with someone else. That's done now and I'm happy to be single.''

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant - who has six-year-old son Logan with his ex Rachel Christie - also admitted the only time he has ever ad his heart truly broken, was at the end of his relationship with Juliet.

Asked by New! magazine if he'd ever been heart broken, David said: ''Yeah, with Juliet, because I wanted it to work and I put a lot of effort in. I'm fine now, though.''