DAVE BRUBECK, the American jazz pianist whose career has spanned nearly seven decades, turned 90-years-old on Monday (6th December 2010) and was honoured in a television film made by the Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, reports The Associated Press.
To celebrate the big day, director and long-time Brubeck fan Eastwood premiered his documentary about the jazz legend on Monday, entitled 'Dave Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Way'. The film aired on 'Turner Classic Movies' and saw Eastwood accompany Brubeck at the piano in some scenes. The pianist recently played a set at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, despite only being discharged from hospital a month ago following heart surgery
Doctors were concerned about Brubeck's health when he checked he first checked into hospital to have a pacemaker fitted, but the pianist's manager Russell Gloyd brought him an electric piano to play while he was recovering. Speaking from his home last month, Brubeck said, "I could kind of not work so hard anymore, but that might be a bad thing. My personal doctor said, 'You know, Dave, when you start playing things start looking up, so I don't advise you to stop. You need to play".