Chat show host Richard Madeley surprised viewers last night by angrily brandishing his fists live on air, hours after his teenage daughter was mugged.

The normally mild-mannered host of the Richard and Judy Show, which he presents with wife Judy Finnigan, aimed the gesture at the person who had recently stolen Chloe Madeley's mobile phone.

The 19-year-old gap-year student had her phone forcibly taken from her while she chatted near her workplace in Notting Hill.

And Richard, who along with his wife had heard of his daughter's mugging hours before their Channel 4 show went live on air yesterday afternoon, drew a sense-inducing swipe from Judy after launching himself into a full-blown rant.

"I'd just like to make a gesture at this point to the person who stole our daughter's mobile phone," he said as he raised his fists.

"She got 'jacked' on the street today. She's all right, though, had her hair pulled."

Producers of the show have defended the hosts' actions, saying he simply "wanted to make his feelings known".

And Chloe herself is said to be fine but shaken.

The Richard and Judy show is currently embroiled in the premium phone line row engulfing television after claims that its You Say We Pay segment asked people to call despite a list of contestants already being drawn up.

07/03/2007 16:38:36