Behemoth frontman Adam 'Nergal' Darski has been cleared of an allegation he insulted Christianity by ripping pages out of a Bible.
The Polish rocker performed the controversial stunt at a gig in 2007 while telling the audience the church is "the most murderous cult on the planet".
The incident outraged officials at the All-Polish Committee For Defence Against Sects, who took Darski to court for "offending religious feeling", a crime in Poland.
But he was cleared of the charge this month (Aug11) after a judge ruled the stunt was "a form of art".
Darski, who successfully battled leukaemia earlier this year (11), tells Kerrang! magazine, "My antagonists will try their best to bring me to the court again... I will fight this bulls**t until my last day. This (ruling) basically proves that Poland is a civilised country and we are not as fanatical and backward-thinking as I thought we are. Things are optimistic."