DARKNESS frontman Justin Hawkins credits his parents with helping him develop his passion for rock music and eccentric stage performances.

The I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE star, 27, insists his parents SANDY and HARRY's rock 'n' roll background formed the basis for his music career and extravagant stage persona - including his penchant for "tight" trousers.

Flamboyant Hawkins explains, "My mum is a bit of a rocker, even though she likes reggae.

"She used to hang out with (late ROLLING STONES star) Brian Jones and tell me this story about him turning up in a disco in a pink cat suit and unzipping it dangerously low as he danced with girls.

"I've always thought that is how rock stars should look.

"I always valued virtuoso guitar and singers in tight trousers screaming.

"That was my perception of what rock should be, so I decided to learn how to record music."

18/04/2004 14:14