The Dark Knight , the biggest hit at the box office this year, was also the most pirated on BitTorrent, according to data collected by According to the website, the movie, which has earned nearly $1 billion worldwide since its release, was downloaded 7.03 million times. "Comments on various BitTorrent sites reveal that many downloaders obtained an illegal copy after they had already watched the movie in the movie theater," TorrentFreak observed. It also noted that the movie first made its appearance on the Internet immediately after its July premiere in a camcorded version. A high-quality DVD screener first appeared in early September. Virtually all the top pirated movies were also box-office hits. A surprising exception was The Bank Job , the third-most-pirated movie of 2008, which earned only $64.3 at the box office. On the other hand, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull may have been the second-biggest hit at the box office, but it was only the 30th-most-downloaded movie of the year.