Heavy metal band DARK FUNERAL have won the rights to their back catalogue of songs after a bitter seven year legal battle.
The Swedish rockers had been locked in a dispute with their previous record label, MNW/No Fashion Records, for the rights to their previous releases.
But now guitarist Lord Ahriman, real name Micke Svanberg, and vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula, also known as Masse Broberg, have been awarded the exclusive rights to albums The Secrets Of The Black Arts, Vobiscum Satanas, Teach Children To Worship Satan and Diabolis Interium.
Lord Ahriman is relieved to finally put an end to the issue, and has blasted his former record label bosses for pursuing legal action, reports Blabbermouth.net.
He says, "One may believe I/we would be totally thrilled about this, be running around in pentagrams, throwing bibles in a fire and whatnot, but I honestly feel pretty empty.
"Guess it'll take a while to let it all sunk (sic) in to realise that this battle finally is over, after seven f**king years! I'm sure I'll get it all eventually…and celebrate it one way or another. But right now I feel nothing.
"Anyway, somehow I feel that this is already old news, an old chapter in our dark saga. And I won't spend any more of my valuable time to ever put 'their' name in my mouth again."