Danniella Westbrook is battling a mystery health condition.

The former 'EastEnders' actress - who lost her septum in 2000 due to her excessive use of cocaine and previously admitted some of the bones in her face are ''rotting away'' - has ''a few months'' of tests and surgery ahead of her after being diagnosed with an undisclosed illness.

She tweeted: ''So sick of doctors and hospital waiting rooms and it's only Monday. It's gonna be a long few months x (sic)''

And when a concerned fan asked what was wrong, she replied: ''Been diagnosed with some stuff and have to keep having blood taken and operations to be down waiting on a date now for that part. I did have surgery planned for my face but had to cancel for this now.. x(sic)''

Though she didn't say what was wrong with her, the 44-year-old actress insisted it wasn't anything connected with her addictions and vowed to ''fight'' as much as she can.

She posted: ''It's not an addiction problem it's something else I've been diagnosed with Ofcourse I will fight it but this thing has it's own agenda and I can only do so much but I'm trying xx and thanks again though x (sic)''

After previously being seen by doctors at Whipps Cross hospital in London, Danniella is expecting her treatment to now be moved elsewhere.

She wrote: ''Been at whipps loads last few years they really are good there but this time I think I'm going to be put in Harlow or Chelmsford possibly Chelmsford because they have a better unit for what's wrong with me (sic)''

In July, the former 'Hollyoaks' actress - who has children Kai, 21, and Jodie, 17, from previous relationships - revealed she had been rushed to hospital because she felt her blood was ''burning'', and thanked her friends Trudie Lyons and Kerry Katona for coming to her aid.

She tweeted at the time: ''So was rushed Into icu been so ill

Been so ill thank goodness for my son and ⁦@TrudieLyons⁩ and ⁦@KerryKatona7⁩ (sic)''

She later told a fan: ''@KerryKatona7 did a 2 &1/2 hour journey to get to me &get meto the hospital. I had pjs on was so weak . Was both in tears thought I was gonna die my blood was burning & no one was listening 2 me. Kez took me In & made them listen. I trust her with my life (sic)''

The actress' hospitalisation came just a few weeks after she told her followers she had been left in ''unbearable pain'' with a swollen face.

She tweeted: ''Super poorly face has swollen up so so bad and pain unbearable waiting to hear if I need to go back in hospital and praying it's not septicaemia again ... could cry [sic]''