Danielle O'Hara believes she does have an ''alcohol problem''.

The former beauty queen - who has three sons Archie, Harry and George with her soccer player husband Jamie O'Hara - is adamant she isn't an alcoholic but accepts she gets ''too friendly'' when she's had too much to drink and can behave badly, much to the annoyance of her 27-year-old spouse.

After a few drinks, Jamie thinks that Danielle - who was criticised for her behaviour while under the influence during a trip to Las Vegas -has a tendency to act like she is single.

Speaking in the new issue of OK! magazine, she said: ''I don't think I'm an alcoholic because I don't wake up wanting a drink, but I do have a problem with alcohol. I become too friendly.

''Jamie says, 'When you're not drunk you're Danielle O'Hara and when you're drunk you become Danielle Lloyd, and I don't like it.'''

Danielle also defended her husband against rumours he had been physically abusive during a spat with fellow holidaymakers when the couple and their friends were in Las Vegas in June to celebrate her 30th birthday.

The couple - who racked up a £4,500 bar bill on the day the row occurred - were spotted having a very a public argument with a group of men but she denies rumours the altercation caused problems between them.

Danielle insisted Jamie was just trying to calm her down after the group made a lewd comment about her as she swam in a pool, and in no way got physical with her.

She explained: ''I'd just got out of the pool and one of the lads made a comment about me being wet and my brother kicked off. He was like, 'She's not a f***ing piece of meat!' We were all arguing and they were going to fight. I was annoyed at my brother, but I was also trying to protect him. Because I was going mad, Jamie was trying to calm me down.'

She added: ''The worst part was that people made out Jamie and I were arguing and that he'd hit me, but Jamie would never hit me, he'd be too scared of me hitting him back!'

''I felt terrible. I woke up thinking, 'What the hell happened?' I've got three kids, that shouldn't have happened. The worst part was when my cousin ran into my room saying get out of bed you're all over the internet! I'm a mum and I didn't want my boys to see the footage ... When I'm drunk people can't control me, I push them away and won't listen ... I can be a bitch when I'm drunk.''