Danielle O'Hara rushed her baby son to hospital when he stopped breathing last week.

The 30-year-old model had a medical ''scare'' with her youngest child, six-month-old George, when she discovered he was struggling to take in air.

Luckily, he was diagnosed with a virus when he was taken to hospital and is now on the mend.

Writing in her Closer magazine column, Danielle - who recently competed on diving TV show 'Splash!' - said: ''I had a scare with George last week. He has a mat under his cot that detects if he stops breathing and it went off.

''He was OK when I got to him, but I rushed him to hospital and the doctors diagnosed him with a bad viral infection. He's feeling better, but it really shook me up.''

The brunette beauty is finding home life ''hard'' at the moment because her soccer player husband Jamie O'Hara - with whom she has two other children, Archie, three, and Harry, two - has flown out to America for a month, and she is missing him like mad.

She said: ''Jamie flew to LA last week to go to a fitness camp for a month. The decision was quite last minute but Jamie felt it was important for his football career to be in top physical condition,

''It'll be extremely hard without him though and I'm missing him loads.

''Some people might think it's odd for me and Jamie to spend such a long stretch apart, but it's not an issue - our marriage is rock solid ... and we can still Facetime each other every day to feel close.''