Dani Dyer wants to work-out in a bikini on 'Love Island'.

The 22-year-old actress - who is the daughter of 'EastEnders' actor Danny Dyer - has revealed that even though she will be relaxing in the Spanish sun with her potential new partner, she'll still be focused on her fitness routine because she doesn't want to look ''bloated'' in her swimwear.

She said: ''I did the half-marathon before; I loved that. I love my fitness and I love the gym so I will be exercising in the villa otherwise I'll get ... you're wearing a bikini! I'll bloat.''

The British actress ''loves'' make-up but won't be wearing a face full of products in the 'Love Island' villa because she's ''useless'' at putting the beauty products on herself.

Consequently, Dani hopes she can find a friend in a fellow contestant to help her with her beauty routine.

She told Glamour.com: ''I do love make-up but I don't wear loads of it, just for my skin - like when I am out in the sun.

''I do like a bit of foundation and I have my lashes on, but I'm not great at it. Hopefully there's a girl in there who can do hair and make-up because I'm useless.

''I had facials at Dermalogica because after shoots, where the make-up's really full-on, my skin got really congested.''

Meanwhile, Dani - who isn't ''experienced'' when it comes to the dating scene - also revealed her dad has given her one piece of advice before heading onto the show.

She continued: ''My dad just told me to be myself and have a good time - and don't be a melt around boys - because I'm not experienced when it comes to dating.''