Cush Jumbo is pregnant.

'The Good Fight' actress showed off her growing baby bump on the blue carpet at the Critics' Choice Awards - where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as lawyer Lucca Quinn on the legal drama - on Thursday (11.01.18), and revealed she and spouse Sean Griffin will welcome their first child into the world in just four months time.

'The Good Fight' returns to TV screens in March, and the 32-year-old star's pregnancy has been written into the show.

She quipped to 'Entertainment Tonight': ''It's been great, because the Kings, who write the show, have written it into the show so Lucca and I are as pregnant as each other, and we're dealing with some of the same issues ... such as needing a snack or a pee in the middle of a really important scene!''

Cush admitted she'd been experiencing a number of cravings during her pregnancy, even finding herself pining for bananas, despite a previous dislike for the fruit.

She added: ''So we're working with a lot of bananas ... which I hated before and really love them now, and a lot of peanut butter, a lot of high-energy foods!

''Donuts and pizza, too ... I'm craving for everything!''

With 'The Good Fight' being a spin-off from 'The Good Wife', the British star joked her pregnancy could spawn another series in the franchise.

She said: ''The Good Baby. That will be a spin-off.''

Cush later shared a picture of herself at the event on her Twitter account and confirmed her happy news.

She posted: ''Here @CriticsChoice awards and so excited to tell you that Lucca Quinn and I are both expecting a GOOD BABY in April! (sic)''

And she also shared a Boomerang image on Instagram in which she showed off her bump in a stunning short Burberry dress.