Beloved British children's Tv show Clangers is set to make a comeback more than 40 years after it was taken off the air.

The popular series, about pink knitted aliens who lived on a moon-like planet, will return to the Bbc in 2015.

Co-creator Peter Firmin, who was also behind hit show Bagpuss, is thrilled his invention will be reincarnated for a modern audience.

He says, "When you watch the original Clangers you have to make allowances for the limitations of the animation techniques when it was made. It was magical for its time, but this is a new Clangers for a new age!"

Firmin will executive produce the $7.5 million (£5 million) reboot. The original show, named after the whistle-type noises the creatures made, ran from 1969 to 1974.