Crowded House are to reform for a world tour 11 years after they decided to split, according to reports.

The Australian and New Zealand band have started auditions in Melbourne this week to find a drummer after bandmate Paul Hester committed suicide two years ago.

Rumours have suggested that frontman Neil Finn has been the driving force behind the reunion and has been at the auditions along with bass player Nick Seymour.

Finn's office spokeswoman told New Zealand's Dominion Post: "At the moment they're just working at getting the band together, so they need to find the right people.

"Something's formally coming out once the band is in place. But until there's a band there's nothing to say."

Last month Finn said that working with Seymour recently had made them "reconnect".

"In the shadow of Paul's passing, we had more than enough reason to seek each other out and take a bit of comfort from each other,'' he said.

"But we've reconnected musically, too. I've really enjoyed him playing bass. There's something instinctive that we've got together and it's pretty undeniable.''

The band's last concert together took place at the Sydney Opera House in 1996. Since then both Finn brothers have pursued solo careers while Seymour works as a music producer.

23/01/2007 17:21:23