Swedish rockers Crashdiet are appealing to fans to help fund their struggling tour after hitting financial difficulties following the sudden death of their road manager at a gig last month (Apr13).

Michael Sunden, 45, died after falling and hitting his head at the Rock City venue in Nottingham, England and the band is now facing money worries as the musicians try to manage the budget themselves.

The Generation Wild hitmakers are hoping their army of devotees can come to their aid and have set up a website for fans to make donations to boost funds.

A statement posted on the band's official Facebook.com page reads, "The tragic passing of our beloved friend Michael was a hard hit for us to take, and it still is. After many sleepless nights we decided to continue the European leg of the tour as planned, mainly because this is what he would have wanted.

"However, the harsh reality is that Michael worked alone with the finances, and his sudden passing left us in a extremely (sic) bad situation money-wise. We have borrowed money from everywhere to be able to begin the tour as planned on Wednesday, but our situation is very insecure to say the least. It looks like we'll be in debt for years to come. We have managed to get through rough times before, but this time we can't do it alone."

The four-piece is currently touring Europe as part of its The Savage Playground world tour and will next take to the stage in Hamburg, Germany on Thursday (09May13).