CRASH director/writer Paul Haggis and producers Mark Harris and Robert Moresco are suing American cable network Lifetime for claiming their new series ANGELA'S EYES was made by the "producers of Academy-Award winning movie Crash". TOM NUNAN and Cathy Schulman, an executive producer and producer on Crash respectively, both serve as executive producers on crime drama Angela's Eyes, which has been advertised on TV, radio and billboards as from the same team behind the Oscar-winning racial drama. Haggis, Harris and Moresco filed suit in Los Angeles last week (ends14JUL06), demanding the tagline is removed from the TV show's advertising. Their lawyer RICHARD CHARNLEY says, "Lifetime is seeking to take advantage of the public's lack of understanding of what a producer is." Even though six people, including the film's star Don Cheadle, produced the film, and four executive produced, only Paul Haggis and Schulman could be listed on the ballot for the Academy Awards' Best Picture category, which the movie picked up in March (06). Charnley adds, "There were two Academy Award-winning producers for Crash - one was Paul, and the other was Cathy. Paul does not sponsor, endorse or promote Angela's Eyes in any way. The billboard suggests that Paul Haggis is somehow involved with Angela's Eyes." Meanwhile, another Crash producer Bob Yari is suing the Producers Guild Of America (PGA) for denying him the chance the receive critical acclaim for his role in producing the movie.