Country singer Joshua Scott Jones has branded his 2011 stint in rehab "the most difficult thing" he has ever had to deal with as he was forced to face his drug and alcohol addictions head-on.

The star was forced to seek professional help for his personal troubles after his friends, including his former Steel Magnolia bandmate and then-fiancee Megan Linsey, staged an intervention following a days-long bender.

He had to bow out of several dates on the duo's autumn (11) tour to deal with his reliance on booze and painkillers, and Jones is grateful his pals realised just how serious his issues had become.

He tells People magazine, "I was out of control in my own life. I couldn't go to the grocery store or mow the lawn without taking a handful of pills. No one wanted to be around me."

But Jones admits the rehab treatment was a big shock to his system: "It was like hitting the brakes when you're going 100 miles an hour. It was the most difficult thing of my adult life."

The actor claims his crippling addictions "unraveled" his relationship with Linsey, prompting their romantic split in 2011 and the end of Steel Magnolia last year (13).

However, he has since embarked on a solo career and insists life has never been better.

He adds, "Everything's more fun. I have things to look forward to."