A MICHAEL JACKSON fan caused chaos at the King Of Pop's ongoing child molestation trial yesterday (22MAR05) when she started screaming hysterically when sheriff's deputies attempted to help her after she fell over.

The unnamed woman, a spectator at the trial in Santa Maria, California, was escorted to an ambulance after disturbing the proceedings with her cries for a lost notebook.

Meanwhile, a comedienne who gave $20,000 (GBP10,500) to the family of the boy accusing Jackson of molestation testified that she received a tearful phone call from the boy's mother that led her to believe the family was being held against its will.

LOUISE PALANKER revealed she tried to get in touch with the family after watching TV documentary LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON, which featured the singer's accuser.

In court, Palanker told the jury that the accuser's mother sounded "frightened" when she eventually tracked her down.

She claims the mother told her, "Don't call me back here. They're listening to everything I say. These people are evil," before she started crying.

The comedienne explained she called her attorney after the phone chat because she felt the family were being held against their will.

Palanker was called as a witness for the prosecution, who aim to prove Jackson and his aides kidnapped the family and forced them to take part in a video praising the pop star's fatherly qualities - as a rebuttal to the damning Living With Michael Jackson film.

23/03/2005 02:54