Reports suggest the controversial snapper, famed for taking nude images of young models, took his own life in his Paris apartment on Friday (25Nov16).

A source tells local radio station Europe 1 the 83-year-old was found unresponsive by a concerned neighbour.

Hamilton began his career working as a graphic designer for Elle magazine's Peter Knapp while in his 20s, and he went on to become art director of London's Queen magazine.

He began experimenting with commercial photography and quickly rose to fame for the soft-focus nude portraits he specialised in. His work was also featured in magazines like Twen, Photo, and Vogue, while he released a series of photo books and had his work displayed in galleries around the world.

In 1977, Hamilton made his directorial debut with French lesbian drama Bilitis, which starred model Mona Kristensen, his first wife. His other movies included Tender Cousins, A Summer in St. Tropez, and First Desires, which were all released in the 1980s.

Hamilton recently returned to the headlines amid decades-old allegations of rape, after French radio host Flavie Flament accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was just 13.

Three other women have since also come forward with similar accusations against the photographer, who firmly denied the claims.

Hamilton's representative released a statement shortly after Flament went public with her allegations, revealing he was "particularly outraged by the total absence of respect of the presumption of innocence".

He went on to insist he would "make no further comment on criminal behaviour that certain people attribute to him and of which he is not the author".