DR. Conrad Murray's defence team is preparing witnesses for the physician's involuntary manslaughter trial after prosecutor David Walgren and his colleagues rested their case on Monday morning (24Oct11).
The Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney wrapped up four weeks of testimony by calling drug expert Dr. Steven Shafer back to court on Monday.
Defence attorney Ed Chernoff accused Shafer of pulling theories surrounding the death of Michael Jackson - Murray's patient - "out of thin air".
Shafer argued he could only theorise as his colleague, Dr. Murray, did not keep notes about his treatment of the tragic King of Pop, adding that what happened in the singer’s rented home on the day of his death in 2009 was not supported by scientific evidence.
It was Shafer's fifth day on the stand.
During the four weeks of the trial, the prosecution team has called 33 witnesses, including members of Jackson's security team and household staff, who were with the singer on the day he died.
Dr. Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He is accused of administering the dose of anaesthetic Propofol which cost Jackson his life on 25 June, 2009.