Conrad Hilton has pleaded not guilty to breaching a restraining order.

The 23-year-old hotel heir was arrested in May after he allegedly stole Rick Salomon's Bentley, drove it over to the house of his ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily Salomon - who obtained an order against him a month after their 2015 split and attempted to break in and appeared on court for an arraignment on Thursday (29.06.17), where he denied the allegations against him.

The hearing had previously been postponed because of Conrad's bizarre behaviour, and his lawyer, Robert Shapiro, told the court he has since been undergoing treatment at a psychiatric clinic, as he had been ordered when he was released on bail last month.

The lawyer explained his client had completed clinical treatment in Texas, and the judge said he was aware he had also been receiving treatment in Los Angeles.

At the hearing on Thursday, Conrad arrived more than half an hour early, was dressed smartly and appeared calm, a stark contrast to his demeanour at the previous hearing, for which he wore a jail smock designed to prevent self harm and made a number of bizarre outbursts.

Speaking outside the court, Mr. Shapiro told news outlets: ''He successfully completed his treatment. He was properly diagnosed and had been given medication that has been very, very effective. He's doing good.''

The judge has now scheduled an early disposition hearing for August.

Conrad is charged with disobeying a domestic relations restraining order, violating a court order to stay away from two residences and taking a car.

Hunter - whose father Rick infamously starred in a sex tape with Conrad's older sister Paris - filed documents against her former boyfriend almost two years ago, in which she claimed he said he will commit suicide, threatened violence and asked for her hand in marriage while visiting her at her mother's house.

The restraining order stated Conrad must stay at least 100 yards away from Hunter, her sister Tyson, her mother E. G. Daily and her famous father.

But this isn't the first time Conrad has attempted to break into Hunter's home as he committed the same crime a month after the court banned him from contacting her.