Mr Hudson can't understand why people sing his songs.

Despite charting second in the British singles charts, the 'Supernova' singer - real name Ben Hudson - is unused to fame and is still baffled when he hears children singing along to his records.

He said: "Everything is new to me. It was my first red carpet at the MOBOs. So I start walking this red carpet, and there's kids on one side going crazy singing 'Supernova' at me, and then on the left, there's all these photographers shouting, 'Mr Hudson!' and I'm like, 'What… what is it?'.

"Then they start taking pictures and they keep going, 'Over 'ere, over 'ere' and their cameras flash! Within a minute I felt like I'd been punched in the eye."

However, Ben hasn't always been popular with the paparazzi.

When he went on a date with 'Live Your Life' singer Rihanna, he claims photographers kept shouting at him to get out the way.

He told More! magazine: "When I was with Rihanna, they were all like, 'Blondie! Milky Bar Kid! Get out of the way!"