American comedian Gallagher is facing more woes following last week's (end13Mar11) onstage collapse - he's selling off props from his stage and TV shows to ease his financial worries.
The funnyman was released from hospital over the weekend (12-13Mar11) after he collapsed during a Minnesota show last Thursday (10Mar11).
Gallagher, real name Leo Gallagher, Jr., is now trying to raise some much-needed cash by selling off his personal possessions, and he's recorded a video for detailing the items.
In the clip, he says, "I've got some work to do because I'm negotiating with the bank and I don't know what they're up to but they might take all my stuff, and I want you to have it... Here's my old Mercedes-Benz and I don't have the key."
Other quirky goods available include an oversized tricycle, several contraptions, a set of giant bowling pins, and a big wheel bike which needs fixing.
But despite his health struggles and debt problems, Gallagher insists he is "okay" after doctors inserted a tube into his heart to help his blood flow.
He adds, "They put a stent in and the blood's going better than when I was on the road, so I think right now I'm okay... They cut my artery right here... And they put a wire in there and they put a little stent, which is a little spring that opens up... and then the blood was able to go through my heart."